How FOCUS has Helped Families

Our family began seeing Dr. Amy Spoelstra in February of 2012. At that time, we had reached some critical points and I was very concerned for our health. My son, in particular, had experienced some lifelong sensory issues. These made everyday things that most of us take for granted very difficult. We began a weekly adjustment schedule with Dr. Amy, and his health, along with ours, began to improve. However, my son was still was experiencing overwhelming sensory trauma.

Dr. Amy suggested we attend one of her FOCUS seminars, for people who are dealing with Autism Spectrum symptoms. After listening to her presentation, I knew that we needed to explore this further. At the same time, through an optometric exam, we identified that he has a profound vision disorder known as Convergence Insufficiency. For each of his 10 years, he had been given eye exams, which all showed he had 20/20 acuity. The exams, however, did not pick up his convergence disability. He either sees double or he has to shut down his left eye. It was no wonder he experienced frequent stomach aches, was emotional, had difficulty in busy or crowded places, and was exhausted. We also took seriously the information Dr. Amy gave to us regarding the gut being the "second brain." After limiting his dairy and gluten intake, along with adjustments weekly, my son was feeling better, but he was having social issues that were making life terrible. At the tender age of 10, he was becoming very depressed. It was time to go to the next level and try the FOCUS program.

He began FOCUS in August of 2012, just before the start of a new school year. Normally, this is an extremely difficult transition and is full of anxiety for him, and by extension, the rest of our family. To our great delight, he transitioned smoothly. By the end of the first 12 weeks, he was doing far better than expected, in every area. His coordination, which had previously been deeply lacking, was improved dramatically. His ability to cope with transitions, both at home and at school, was dramatic. And, to my GREAT surprise, my son, who had never wanted to participate in any extra curricular activity, begged to take the strings class offered after school. He took on the difficult violin as his instrument. I was worried. He didn't do well with frustration or change. In his world, starting with violin was like going from riding a scooter to jumping on a motorcycle in one day. To the amazement of all who know him, my son has excelled in his violin class, and in December, I watched with tears as he took part in his first ever violin concert. There were tons of other kids; parents filled the stands; and, it was in an unfamiliar environment, which I could not prepare him for prior to the event. He literally never missed a beat!

My son is continuing on another 12 week round of FOCUS, and every day he is getting more self assured, his peripheral vision is improving, and his health has never been better. It is very dramatic to say that anyone "saved our lives." In our case, in a very, very real sense, being in the care of Dr. Amy has saved our son's life. We have knowledge to take charge of our own health, and we have hope. We see the changes in our son and we know his future is bright, because he is waking up to things he likely never would have before this program. We can't thank Dr. Amy and Dave Spoelstra enough; nor can we overstate the value of what they are doing.



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I own multiple businesses and I would expend all of my energy trying to use coping mechanisms to keep me on task.  I am now able to remain laser focused and stop wasting my energy and time.  I had lists, notes, and recordings everywhere…not anymore.

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I feel like I have met my 8 year old son for the first time.  He is finally able to express himself, set goals, make friends, and his school work has improved.